Thursday, June 10, 2010

Trends that I wish would just die


I think we can all blame Urban Outfitters and the hopeless romantic girls of for this mess. The high-waisted floral culottes, the brooches, the chain-link Chanel bags, the men's-wear influenced oxfords, the ill-fitting blouses. Any piece of clothing that can be described with an adjective connected to a noun with a hypen probably means you're wearing something a grandma would wear. You're also probably listening to too much Feist and woman-power indie music, and spending too much time at your vintage/thrift store.

The thing with this style is many of these pieces are great separately, but when you combine all of them, you look frumpy, old, and are drowning in vintage, floral and pastel cloths.

Urban outfitters has been pushing this look for awhile now, but when I visit their website and look through their catalogue, I see that they really wanted girls to start dressing like grandmas this season.

Exhibit A:

Seriously, who under 65 would consider wearing these? Urban liked these shoes so much they decided to sell another pair, that looks almost identical:

Take a look at these sexy shorts

This blouse/dress looks really good. It fits so well.

So ladies, let's do the guys a favor: ditch the lace trimmed white socks and the buttoned to the neck blouses, and put on something a little more sexy.

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