Friday, July 2, 2010

Spring 2011 Menswear Update

An update on Spring 2011 Menswear... a lot of great things that I'm seeing.

Starting with Dries Van Nortan's hardly original, however influential and modern, Spring 2011 Menswear collection. His apparent influences included the styles of the mod, skinhead and The Great Gatsby (1974 movie version). His sets were never a product of a combination of the aforementioned influences, but rather his separates came together to form a mosaic of these influences. I'd hardly suggest that the way to go, however he really did make it work. I feel as though it's a style that will enchant the urban youth, and I'm excited to see people's take of this in the streets.

John Galliano tried to capture the essence of Charlie Chaplin in his Spring 2011 collection with drop-crotch pants, shrunken jackets, suspenders, an assortment of era-appropriate hats, the always adorable jacket pocket flower, and a rather twisted yet humorous take on this style. The show started with three-piece suits, moved to trench coats, then in true Galliano style emerged into a modern take which excluded shirts, sometimes entirely. Galliano's ability at sexualizing men (thanks to some heavy ab and pelvic contouring) to the point where it's almost uncomfortable and overbearing always amazes me. Some of the outfits in this collection reminded me of Heath Ledger's Joker from batman. I suppose it's the combination of creepy make-up and suits, as well as the background of the set.

Givenchy's collection started out as innocent catholic school boy blacks and whites (however with the trace of leopard print in lace, sheer meshes, and satins), then transformed to devilishly tempting and intense leopard print. I really appreciated the ingenious one-piece suit, as well as the beautifully crafted shirts. It's an intense and powerful collection that really speaks for itself.

What the devil of the fashion world looks like:

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