Thursday, July 15, 2010

Look for Less: J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants

So I've seen these J Brand Cargos just about everywhere (online at least, and on celebrities). I mean I understand why though, because they're so perfect! Of course, J Brand wasn't the first to create the cargo pants or to make them trendy (the "military" style has been coming in and out for the past few years), but they did create a really beautifully crafted pair with a skinny leg, ankle zippers, and a perfect material. They've been seen on the likes of Khloe Kardashian (who I believe has worn them best), Miley Cyrus (ew), Rihanna, Rachel Bilson, Vanessa Hudgens, etc. etc. I saw them at the Barney's Co-op in DC and proceeded to have a tantrum of "But why do they have to be $230!??!?!?" to my unfortunate friend who accompanied me.

However, I have found a couple of look-a-likes of these pants, at more than reasonable prices.

Blank Denim Skinny Cargo Pants, $78, at several online stores but I've seen the best price at Bloomingdale's

Brynn Skinny Cargo Pant, $49.50, at Delia's

Christa, $70, Abercrombie and Fitch

Easy Money Jean Company Skinny Leg Cotton Cargo Pants, $125, Nordstrom

Fp Skinny Military Cargo, $98, Free People

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