Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Behance.net Images

Some really great images and design concepts from talented artists and designers I've come across at Behance.net, an online portfolio site. (Click for larger images)

"The first chapter of ‘The Square’ a web comic based on the lives the homeless. Illustration and design by me, written by Adeline Darling. My illustration was produced using a mixture of techniques, 3D modeling, pen drawing and digital painting."
-Tom Buch

Miles Davis
-Tom Buch

"He Wears It - Star Wars & Fashion"
-John Woo


Folk Complexity
-Tatiana Plakhova

-Tatiana Plakhova

Complexity Graphics
-Tatiana Plakhova

Tatiana Plakhova

Visit behance.net to discover more portfolio work from countless talented artists, or to create your own portfolio and to get your work out there!

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